Ulu Temburong National Park

Duration : 6 hours

Ulu Temburong Brunei’s first National Park. It has been protected since 1991 and preserved for scientific research and low impact Eco-tourism. Due to its remote location, there are few visitors and the journey itself is an adventure.

It begins with 45-minutes by watertaxi ride from Bandar Seri Begawan through a network of rivers and channels. You’ll pass by dense mangrove forest and may see some of the vast array of wildlife along the way if you are lucky. Vehicles will take you from Bangar Town, to Batang Duri (the end of the roads). From there, travel upstream through the rapids of the Temburong River using traditional longboats, to Nattional Park entrance.

Explore along 385m distance path walkways to Canopy(sky tower) located on hill ridge. Enjoy spectacular view canopy forest resemblance like green ocean wave.   Enjoy a great picnic lunch at Rainforest Nature Camp under shady Dipterocarpus obloglofolius tree. Free at leisure swim and relaxing.


Tour Itinerary

  Tour Programme: Ex-Jetty BSB
0800hrs Depart Bandar (BSB) by watertaxi from Jalan Residency jetty begin Your journey  wuth A Scenic Riverine Cruise By Public launch to Bangar  Temburong Town.
0845hrs Upon arrival in Bangar jetty meet and greet by our nature local guide

  • Morning teas local restaurant
0915hrs Depart Bangar by vehicle for Batang Duri (end of the roads)
0945hrs Arrive at Riverside Terminal-Batang Duri
1000hrs Travel up river through picturesque temburong rainforest by open Iban longboat called “Temuai” to UTNP (National Park Registration).
1030hrs Reaching ulu Temburong National park – Registration and trek into the pristine tropical rainforest to Canopy walkways (skywalk located on hill top) 350m walk distance from river bank to canopy base.

  • Guide interpretation of the important & usefulness of rainforest along the track
  • Share experience knowledge with local tribe.
    • Visit waterfall down stream
1200hrs Picnic lunch   riverside.
1330hrs Depart down stream by longboat to Batang Duri.
1500hrs Depart by public launch to BSB. Back home with sweet memories of Temburong Tropical  Rainforest.Tour ends



  1. You will be in the outdoors all days. The environment may be effected by heat, cold, rain, and sun. The river could be high or low depending upon recent rain falls. The programme may need adjust to these condtions and the interests/abilities of your group. Guide will advise you of the current conditions and weather these might alter your schedule, if necessary.
  2.  If you are not accustomed to being outdoors for a all day, please be sure to wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing, bring a practical sun hat (with securing code), and lots of sun cream.
  3. Temburong is remarkably free of  biting insects, and most people don’t use any insect repellent. But some people are more susceptible than others, so bring your favourite insect repellent that works for you.



We will provide:

  • Buffet  Lunch
  • Transportation land and river
  • National Park entrance fees
  • AA guide to accompany you at all times.



What to Bring:

  • Shorts T-Shirt, shoes or slippers advised for the longboat trip. For the walk in the forest.short pants  are recommended,  shirt and a pair of rubber walking shoes with a good  grip for walking on slippery pathwalk.
  • Rucksack, a change of clothes, sun lotion, hat, raincoat, camera, binoculars, small towel for the walk, swimsuit, insect repellent-non aerosol type. Some snacks and drinks in case you get hungry and thirsty enroute.



Important considerations for your visit:
Leave only footprints and take only photographs – no rubbish please.